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About us

Welcome to Urban Sidewalker, a graphic design team specializing in European city architectural graphics, based in Budapest, Hungary.

From childhood, we’ve been captivated by maps: the intricate lines, vibrant colors, and tantalizing possibilities for exploration. This passion drives our Urban Sidewalker project, where maps are not mere representations but doorways to new experiences. We aim to capture cities as living organisms with unique stories, using hand-drawn graphics with a touch of digital post-processing, modern yet timeless.

Our work, inspired by the magic in maps, reflects the evolving nature of cities. We hope that our graphics will become not just objects of art, but catalysts for exploration and connection. Join us in seeing the world with new eyes and uncovering the diverse beauty of urban spaces.

Hand drawn graphics

All of our city graphics originals are hand-drawn and showcase the artist’s distinctive viewpoint. Each piece is meticulously detailed, making the colored prints exceptionally unique. These graphics reveal hidden sights and intricate details, capturing the essence of the city as if you were exploring it in person.

In addition to their intricate beauty, the graphics feature personal memories. Here and there, you might find ourselves or our loved ones depicted at places where unforgettable moments occurred. The aim and result of these graphics are to portray the world as beautiful, highlighting the aesthetic appeal in everything, even in aspects that may not appear beautiful to everyone at first glance.

We employ a distinctive, perspective-free illustration technique, making our art truly unique. Across our various graphic styles, one common element stands out: each piece is hand-drawn with pen on paper, with only the post-processing done digitally.











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Need custom graphics for your business or personal project? Look no further! We offer individual orders whether it’s a new city or a custom color. We can bring your design dreams to life and provide personalized service. Contact us to get started and let’s make your vision a reality!



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