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who we are

Urban Sidewalker is a graphic design team specializing in European city architectural graphics. Our members have been fascinated by maps since childhood, considering them as gateways to new experiences. The project exclusively uses hand-drawn graphics with a touch of digital post-processing to capture cities as living organisms with unique stories. Our goal is to reflect the constantly changing nature of cities and preserve the enchanting magic of maps. We aim for these artworks to not only be objects of art but also catalysts for exploration.

Our London Collection

Discover London through the unique perspective of our artist’s hand-drawn graphics. Meticulously crafted, our colored prints capture the city’s hidden landmarks and details as seen on a stroll through its streets.

Printed on unique high-quality paper, manually finished or packaged, each piece is a special addition to your store’s offerings.



A6 / 5,8 x 4,1 in
24 variations
creative paper


3,15 x 2,1 in
17 variations
creative or glossy coated paper, galvanised sheet


8,3 x 2 in
2 variations
creative paper


A4 / 8,25 x 11,7 in
1 variation
creative paper

100% Guarantee

With over 10 years of experience and numerous successful partnerships with fairs and excellent resellers, we can confidently say that we trust our products. We know that there is a discerning group of buyers who appreciate the unique and special artistic line of our graphics – and gladly choose such high-quality souvenirs and gifts.

The fact that we approached you with our products means that we trust you too. We are confident that due to the high standard of your business and the location of your store, these discerning travelers will visit you regularly.

That’s why we’re happy to take on the remaining minimal risk from you:
If for some reason the sales do not turn out as expected, we will repurchase any unsold and undamaged products from the first order, at the original price, anytime after 6 months from the order date (and all potential customs and taxes are covered by us).

We are happy to give our word that we stand by our products.

hopefully you liked our graphics and we've piqued your interest because...

practical details

reseller prices

postcard A6 – £0,5
magnet – £1,79
bookmarks – £0,5
print – £4,9

minimum order value (MOV)


shipping information

We will cover shipping costs, including all taxes (VAT included) and customs fees, for every order that meets the minimum order value (MOV).

We ship goods with FedEx Regional Economy within a week after the order is placed.

To simplify the ordering process, we are available to assist you through any of the contacts listed below. Please also check our special 100% buyback guarantee.

paper & ink

postcards & prints & bookmarks
creative paper, FSC certified, 30% recycled fibres, chlorine-free, acid-free, manufactured with renewable, non-polluting wind-generated electricity
creative paper, FSC certified, 100% recycled, chlorine-free, acid-free, produced in a particularly energy and water-saving manner

creative paper, FSC certified, 30% recycled, chlorine-free, acid-free, manufactured with renewable, non-polluting wind-generated electricity
glossy coated paper, FSC certified, matt foil added

cobalt-free, mineral oil-free, optimized CO2 balance

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