report (in German) – May 2016.

Besuch des Patriarchen von Jerusalem in Ungarn

His beatitude III. Theodorus, patriarch of Jerusalem also received an Urban Sidewalker canvas as a gift during his visit in Hungary.

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interview (in English) – January 2015.

Urban Sidewalker Brings the Best of Budapest Home With You

“Budapest is a city working hard to grow past its Eastern European ultra-kitsch roots and establish a fresh, contemporary scene to offer locals and tourists alike. And initiatives like Urban Sidewalker are working hard making that happen…”

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report (in English) – September 2015.

Miniature, but very meticulous graphics about Budapest

“The Urban Sidewalker team brought together the top view and the meticulous artwork in a project that fixed itself in our mind immediately. They make graphics and posters in an innovative way. A designer and a psychologist are given – Balázs Egri and Máté Révay – and an idea: would people be interested in a miniature graphic showing the details of the inner districts of Budapest? That looks good on the wall of an apartment or an office and that would be a perfect souvenir….”

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interview (in English) – October 2014.

Urban Sidewalker portrays Budapest in a different dimension

“Many people are saying that Budapest is the new Berlin, and we consider that statement as an honor, not only because the German capital is a legendary hipster nexus, but it is also a European melting pot of culture thanks to its diversity and openness. Budapest is slowly catching up in that regard, resulting in both changing perspectives and a cultural boom…”

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interview (in Hungarian) – Summer 2017.

Óbuda a térképen – Beszélgetés Egri Balázzsal

“Én elég erősen kötődöm Óbudához, de a baráti körben van még egy-két óbudai, és róluk is elmondható ez, hogy akik itt nőttünk föl, mind nagyon szeretjük Óbudát… az első Budapest poszter azért lett úgy helyezve, úgy kialakítva, részben azért lett annyira meggörbítve a Duna, hogy a képre Óbudának, ha csak egy kis része is, de odaférjen….”

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